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La Tarte

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

La Tarte is a dessert cocktail that I shook up after a good amount of trial and error. It's a creamy, citrusy drink with an interesting garnish. The inspiration behind this creation was to make an alcoholic, drinkable tarte au citron. And let me tell you, this thing is alcoholic (and hopefully also drinkable)! If you haven't tried a tarte au citron before, I would highly recommend it as it is pretty awesome.

Whilst fun to make and fun to drink, there's a fair deal of preparation and cleaning up to do, so it's not the simplest of drinks to whip up in the kitchen. Most ingredients in this drink though are multi-purpose, so you might have them lying around in the cupboard!

Alright, enough small talk.

Let's meet tonight's guests.

  1. Lemon curd (1oz or 30ml). Since lemon curd doesn't exactly pour, I just used a heaped teaspoon or so, looking at the measurements of the jigger for reference. Because of the consistency of this ingredient, you really have to give the drink a vigorous shake to mix it.

  2. Double cream /or a vegan double cream alternative (0.3oz or 10ml). I'm lactose intolerant so I don't even know why I used the dairy version. From my personal experience, lactose-intolerant people like to consistently play with fire when it comes to dairy. And most of the time they get burnt. Also, I'm not sure if it's just my general clumsiness, but this stuff is a nightmare to pour into a jigger. It's also a pain in the ass to clean up if you miss.

  3. 1 digestive biscuit/ or any crumbly biscuit of your choice.

  4. Absolut Vanilla (1oz or 30ml). You can use any vanilla flavoured vodka, but I chose Absolut. From taking a sniff, you would be fooled by the fantastic smell into thinking this liquid wasn't alcoholic. From taking a sip, however, you are quickly reminded that it is. This vanilla flavour will help to bring a 'dessert-feel' to the drink.

  5. Cointreau or another brand of triple sec (1oz or 30ml). With the vodka, this citrus liqueur helps to balance out the flavours.

The selection of weapons are as follows:

  1. Hawthorne strainer, to keep the ice in the shaker, and not barreling into your glass.

  2. Your shaker of choice. The one in my photo was a super awesome birthday present! Without a shaker, this drink gets pretty hard to mix due to the consistency.

  3. A glass. I used a coupe glass for this cocktail. Because this recipe does not produce a gallon of this drink, you might opt for a smaller glass to serve it in, to give the illusion that you haven't sold yourself short.

  4. A jigger.

  5. A fine strainer. You wouldn't eat a tarte au citron with ice chips in it, so you shouldn't drink one like that either. Get those pesky ice pieces out!

Alright, now we've got all the prep, let's make this tart!

  1. For starters, beat that digestive biscuit down until it has a fine, crummy consistency. I used a food processor to really ensure there were no large chunks but honestly a good solid object and enough willpower also does the trick. On a plate, shake the crumbs out so they are dispersed relatively evenly, and set it aside for now.

  2. How would you like your rim? Zesty. Using the back of a teaspoon (or an unused makeup brush in my instance), line the rim of the glass with a small coating of lemon curd. I do not have an artistic bone in my body, and thus, I found this stupidly difficult. It's really not that difficult, I just choose to make it so.

3. Dip your lemon curd-ed (it's a word now) rim of the glass into the crushed digestive biscuit, ensuring it picks up enough to coat it nicely. It may take a few tries.

4. Combine your lemon curd, double cream, vanilla vodka and Cointreau in your shaker, and shake this cocktail with vigour. It's not going to mix itself!

5. Once well and truly shaken, pour the cocktail out through both the hawthorne strainer and fine strainer, into your glass.

Finally, enjoy your cocktail dessert!

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. If you decide to give this cocktail a go, be sure to let me know what you think.

Please leave a like or subscribe to my blog if you feel like it, and remember, you don't have to drink if you don't want to!

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