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My Old Fashioned

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

The Old Fashioned is an excellent drink if you like whiskey or bourbon. It is one of my favourite drinks in the world and I thought it would be a fitting introduction to my blog. Having an Old Fashioned in my hand makes me feel like a badass mob boss, despite the fact that I am anxious as heck and die at the thought of confrontation! But alas, one can dream.

After a tedious mansplained lecture on the unnecessity of soda water in this particular drink, I have come to the conclusion that there are many variations on exactly how to make the perfect Old Fashioned. Mine still uses soda water.

Hee hee.

So without further ado, please allow me to introduce my favourite version of an Old Fashioned.

First up, your ingredients.

1. A choice of your favourite bourbon or whiskey. Mine is usually Makers Mark (I have a bottle with an adorable little jumper on, but unfortunately after many Old Fashioneds, it has run dry), so for the purpose of this blog post, Jack Daniels will have to suffice.

2. Sugar. I am using a sugar cube as I find the process of soaking it with Angostura bitters very entertaining.

3. Angostura bitters.

4. A very teensy amount of soda water (not included in the photo because it didn't make the cut).

5. Ice!

6. Should you wish to add a special garnish, orange peel or maraschino cherries go well! I am going to use maraschino cherries because I LOVE THEM.

Boom. Easy enough. Next! Your weapons.

1. A glass. Whilst eating a bitters-soaked sugar cube and washing it down with a shot of liquor would definitely look interesting...wait...I might be onto something...

2. A paper napkin for soaking the sugar cube (optional).

3. A jigger. The utensil I'm 99% sure was made up on the spot by someone who had no idea what it was called, and it just stuck.

4. A pestle. Really not necessary but it makes crushing the sugar a hell of a lot easier. A muddler will also work, or any blunt object for that matter.

5. A bar spoon or general spoon (whatever you can use to stir).

And now you are ready to go.

1. First off, start by soaking the sugar cube with enough shakes of Angostura Bitters to saturate the thing. Once that cube is well and truly wasted, place it in the bottom of your glass (sans paper napkin).

2. Pour the tiniest amount of soda water over the sugar cube to enable it to break apart. Then, mash it down with your pestle.

3. Place your ice cubes/ice cube (depending on size) into the glass.

4. Pour 2 ounces of your liquor of choice over the ice.

5. Give this a gentle stir with a spoon to ensure the Angostura bitter sugar becomes mixed into the whiskey/bourbon. Stir it both clockwise and counter-clockwise for good measure!

6. Optional: Add a garnish! I used a metal bbq skewer to display the Maraschino cherry as I love the way the syrup drips into the glass. Whichever way you want to present your Old Fashioned is entirely up to you. Go wild!

Thank you for reading my blog post! I hope that you also enjoy a good Old Fashioned. If you enjoy cocktails, please consider giving my blog a comment or subscription!

Remember: you don't have to drink if you don't want to!

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