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My Trip To Fever-Tree

Merry Christmas everyone! What a jolly year it has been! (Sarcasm is heavy in this one).

I've been radio-silent for a while now, and just wanted to write a little update about my super awesome trip to the London Fever-Tree office. I was extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to tour what I can only explain as the coolest office lounge ever, boasting a bar that could really put high end restaurants to shame.

'This cannot be! I do not believe you!' I hear you cry.

Well, see for yourself.

I mean even I feel proud and it's not my bar!

I felt like Alice in Wonderland, looking at all of the brightly coloured bottles of beverage, and though they did not say 'drink me', I sure as hell wanted to. This beautiful, tropical explosion of colour, is situated at the back of a common area, and it totally steals the show. I mean, how can it not? It seems to transport you to a cocktail paradise that almost makes you forget that you're in rainy England. Almost...


Mask on

The bar was set out in an unusual, and rather clever way. I learnt that the alcohol was grouped according to the complementarity of the Fever-Tree mixer below it. The only obstacle between you and your perfectly combined drink, is the bar sliding ladder (low key terrifying when climbing in the high heels that I was wearing).

The room is decorated with many pieces of artwork that boast their attention to flavour and ingredients.

This photo beneath representing the six dominant botanicals that go into the flavour of gin.

I was generously allowed to try the different Fever-Tree flavours, some that I didn't even know existed, including Rose Lemonade (far right) and White Grape and Apricot (centre). The Rose Lemonade was incredibly floral, providing an amazingly accurate and non-artificial taste. The White Grape and Apricot was 100% my new favourite soda ever.

Fever-Tree's Madagascan Cola really enabled me to realise and taste the difference between a regular Coca Cola (no shade there, still love it), and a soda specifically created to enhance the flavours of the alcohol it can be mixed with. Before doing a taste test comparison between the two, I was definitely sceptical. I mean, how different could they be?


I was kindly invited to make a few drinks using the brand's mixers, to which I obliged.

1 1/2 oz of Spiced Rum

1/2 oz of Christmas spiced syrup (I'll make a little recipe for anyone who's interested)

Top with Fevertree Ginger Beer!

A rather light and chilled contrast to mulled wine, but hopefully still has a festive feel to it! I was also given a tip for the next time I make mulled wine- to add their Orange Spiced Ginger Ale to the pot! I was a little confused at first. Fizzy mulled wine? Sounds a bit weird. But apparently the effervescence leaves after a while of being 'mulled', and the flavour of the ginger and orange really break through to help add that extra Christmas feel to your drink!

In addition to making some drinks using the Fever-Tree products, I was invited to create my own personalised Fever-Tree garnish, as you can see in the photo!

Fever-Tree had their very own hot iron with their name and slogan on it.

As you can tell, I left the first one on the orange zest for a little too long. On a side note, burnt orange smells delicious.

I had a super amazing time at the Fever-Tree office, and have come back with newfound knowledge and a love for Fever-Tree mixers (and I promise, no brainwashing!). Thank you so much again to Fever-Tree for the awesome experience!

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