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The Beach Replacement

Happy lockdown 2.0 everyone!

I have decided to partake in the world's most nonsensical challenge that goes by the name of 'Dry Lockdown'. After throwing back a few too many cocktails on the merry lockdown-eve, I woke up feeling rather delicate.

And, as most people do when severely hungover, I did the whole "I'm never drinking again" schpiel. Ha, who am I kidding, those cocktails aren't going to drink themselves.

However, I did declare that I would go alcohol-free for the duration of the four weeks imprisonment. It's been under a week and it feels like a whole damn year!

Jokes aside, I thought now would be the perfect time to give my immune system some hard earned rest, and, in the mean time, come up with a mocktail or two dedicated to my sans-alcohol-pals.

So, after returning home from the supermarket, burdened with juice cartons and fruit, I concocted the Beach Replacement!

This mocktail brings together tropical flavours and enough vitamin C to make you almost feel energised in these dismal grey times. The colour reminds me of the non-existent sun of England, and the foam reminds me of the sea of somewhere I would prefer to be. And look at that cute lil' garnish (that definitely should not be consumed)! Might as well pop on some sunglasses, get one of these in your hand and go sit in the bath. Oh the things we do in lockdown...

Just me?


Now let's make this drink! Bring out the contestants!

As you will notice, no alcohol! *liver has entered the chat* *most people leave*

Anyone still reading?

  1. Pineapple Juice: 3oz. This should provide your body with an increased amount of vitamin C, because, let's face it, lockdown tends to fuel our less healthy habits of guzzling wine and screaming into tubs of half eaten ice cream. We need all the nutrients we can get.

  2. Lychee syrup: 1/2 oz. Monin is a great brand for all of your syrup needs, but if you do not have lychee syrup (or just don't consume enough lychee flavoured things to justify buying a bottle of the stuff), the juice from tinned lychees is just as good. And then you can eat the fruit as well. A win-win!

  3. Ginger Ale/Ginger Beer. If you require a fiery kick in your drink, go for the latter. I'm using Fever-Tree because I mean business! I am not putting an exact measurement on this product as it is required at the end as more of a cocktail 'topper'.

  4. Fresh Lime Juice. 3/4 oz. The trick with limes and lemons is that I almost associate them with alcohol in drinks. I guess the strong citrusy flavour helps to give the drink that extra pizzaz!

  5. Ms Better's Bitters Miraculous Foamer/Aquafaba: 15-20 drops or 1oz. Aquafaba is the chickpea water, and Ms Better's Bitters Miraculous Foamer is just the bougie version. But it does save opening a can of chickpeas every time! This ingredient will give your cocktail that gorgeous intentional foam at the top, unlike the time I didn't properly rinse my shakers of soap before my next cocktail. That one had a very...clean taste.

And now for the weapons!

It's the usual bunch for a fine strain cocktail! Yay!

  1. Jigger. For measuring the ingredients.

  2. Fine strainer. Get that drink as fine as it can be!😍

  3. Glass.

  4. Hawthorne Strainer. Let's keep those big ice cube chunks in the shaker, shall we?

  5. Shaker. I am using a trusty Boston Shaker because they're fun!

Now, let's get shaking!

  1. Measure out all of the ingredients apart from the Ginger beer/ale, into the non-iced-up shaker. Do NOT shake the effervescent liquids, it will not end well. Also it will not have that final bubbly finish you will want!

  2. After adding the aquafaba/Ms Better's Miraculous Foamer, shake the living hell out of that cocktail. Don't add any ice yet. You really wanna give it some muscle!

  3. After a good 20 + vigorous shakes, open up the shaker to check that the foaming agent has...well...foamed?

  4. Now you can add your ice!

  5. Shake it up! Don't be lazy, really let out all that lockdown energy on that shaker!

  6. Hawthorne and fine strain the cocktail into your desired glass. Give the strainer a tap to get all of that foam onto the top of your cocktail.

  7. Top that bad boy up with your Ginger Beer/Ale to your preferred height. Maybe leave a little wiggle-room for you to pick it up. We've all made that mistake.

  8. Add a funky little garnish to your creation. If you make anything, please send me your creations on my Instagram account! You can find that in the top section of my blog, or right here!

Now enjoy your alcohol-free cocktail, guilt free!

Thank you for reading my blog! As usual, please leave a like or a comment if you feel like it, and remember, you don't have to drink if you don't want to!

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